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Tagged Out Acrylic Archery Rangefinder

Tagged Out Acrylic Archery Rangefinder

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It all started in 2008 with the Tagged-Out® Acrylic Rangefinder. It still holds its place with many archers as the most universal, affordable and effective rangefinder for the archery hunter.

What have roughly 8 million big game archery hunters experienced at one time or another? They’ve all had missed opportunities at successful hunts due to the inability to range at the moment of truth. They couldn’t get a quick reference to the distance to the target, all while there hearts racing, there at full draw and while the target is moving, and for most this is not easily accomplished.

It’s now easy to range your target at the most critical time of the hunt, right before the shot. Bad River Outdoors has solved that problem weather you’re in a tree or on the ground with our “Tagged-Out” Archery Rangefinder System.

This one of a kind archery rangefinder allows you to range various big game species. In today’s high tech hunting, the simplicity of our archery rangefinder we believe is a welcome innovation to the industry. In three simple steps 1) Hold the bottom bar on the belly of the animal 2) Read the range on the stair step 3) Go to the appropriate pin. Now is not the time to question the distance.

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